The cheeses

The cheeses

My cheese is handmade, without adding preservatives, thickeners and chemical additives. All processes are handmade, from manufacturing to aging. I strongly believe in products’ seasonality and that is why I chose to follow the goat’s natural reproduction cycle. Goats go in heat and get pregnant at the end of summer, after 5 months they give birth and produce milk for around 9/10 months, then we give up milking in order to make them rest until the next birth. This is the reason why during December and January it is hard to find fresh products.


Formaggella cheese: rennet manufacturing, soft dough and sweet taste. Ready for eating after 10 days. This is children’s favorite cheese.

Formaggella cheese with aromatic herbs: : rennet manufacturing, soft dough and sweet taste, enriched with rosemary, thyme and lavender in addition.

Formaggella cheese with chili pepper: rennet manufacturing, soft dough and sweet taste, slightly spicy.

Stracchino cheese: fresh rennet, very soft, slightly acidic.

Soft goat’s cheese: milk manufacturing, acidic taste, creamy. Very adaptable in cooking: from a simple slice of toasted bread and the filling of crepes or “tortelli” to the creaming of a risottos..

Soft goat’s cheese with herbs: milk manufacturing, acidic taste, creamy. Spiced with chives and parsley.

Robiola cheese: milk manufacturing, typical acidic taste, creamy. Adaptable in cooking. Perfect for a quick summer meal with a bit of oil and pepper.

Fresh ricotta cheese: it is made by heating the milk serum that comes from rennet manufacturing. Due to the temperature (around 85 degrees), delicate ricotta cheese flakes emerge from the serum and are then collected in “fuscelle”, a plastic tool used to produce ricotta cheese. Naturally soft without milk or cream supplement.

Yogurt: very creamy, almost compact, sweet. Without sugar and thickeners. Naturally delicate, perfect when combined with honey, jam or fresh fruit.

The classical

“Zore” dairy: traditional cheese from Friuli. Cow dairy. We suggest it with a minimum 60 days aging, but in medium and long aging you can taste the best scents of our pasture.

The specials

“Burja”: formaggella cheese’s sweet taste meets the scent of chestnut’s leaves from our woods. Limited edition with 100 numbered pieces each season.

“Zore” under hay: “Zore” dairy ripens sweetly surrounded by the hay of our fields. Limited edition with 20 pieces each season.

Snow flake: cheese with mixed milk/rennet aging, scattered with delicate white mildew of Penicillium candidum. Thanks to the protein degradation process, aging generates a delicate liquid under-crust.

Sheaf: milk-manufactured cheese aged at least 30 days, scattered with vegetable coal, according to receipts recipes from the French tradition.